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Jonathan Poulin
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Jonathan Poulin never even heard of Shatterhand but clearly im missing out. this album features a ton of great talent and with guests like tony dickinson, viking guitar, mega beardo , stemage and more, how could you go wrong? Favorite track: Area A (ft. Tony "Prince uf Darkness" Dickinson).
Christophe Blondel
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Christophe Blondel It's pretty hard to pick a favorite song in this album. But I guess I'm partial to ending songs, and rhythm guitars ! The final area track with synths has a little something that tickles my fancy too though. I enjoy all the songs here either way, the amount of shredding is insane, the drums are fantastic, everything is fun to listen to. An absolute must-have for anybody looking for a hard-hitting guitar take on Shatterhand. Favorite track: Ending (ft. Stemage).
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I have been in love with this soundtrack for a long time and I have always wanted to hear it brought to life with rock instruments. My bandmates from Kirby's Dream Band and I have considered attempting it a few times, but we inevitably have to scrap the idea because, well... not everyone can be as badass as Bit Brigade.

Eventually though, I couldn't take it anymore and decided I would give it a try on my own, futile as it may well be. Multiple years and several crash courses at Viking Guitar University later, I became pretty proficient at splicing guitar takes together and... here we are!

I always knew this was a great soundtrack, and making this album has only deepened my appreciation. Iku Mizutani is absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend giving this OST a listen if you haven't already. I hope we did it justice!

Thanks for checking out the album and please let me know what you think! B-)

To my fiancee/baby mama Dana for putting up with the crazy hours and attention I devoted to this ridiculous album - you're the absolute best and I love you! To Iku Mizutani for composing such a brilliant soundtrack... I hope I've done it justice! To Erich for listening to my 9 million arrangement ideas and being just about as interested in making this album as I was - also for talking me out of using programmed drums. To all the other dudes who contributed performances: Tony, Andre, Beardo, Erik, Mike, Grant - it was an honor working with you and you guys made the album infinitely more exciting - both to work on and to listen to! To all the KDB dudes past and present for inspiring me as a musician: Erich, Andre, Olson, Ian, Jake... even Mike I GUESS. To JMR and 8BitX for the support and the great release party. To all the fans and friends of KDB and TheShizz and MAGfest who share this appreciation of video game music and make albums like this feel worth the effort. To Erik Peabody for being so available and always offering valuable advice and critique. To Grant Henry for the great mix and all the wisdom sharing and for turning Track 8 from my favorite song on the album into my new favorite song in the world. To all my friends and family because you are all great and to my son AJ for being so tiny...

THANK YOU!!!!!! B-)


released February 3, 2016

Ryan Munz - Guitars, Bass (except "Area A" and "Area C Medley"), Arrangements

Erich Beckmann - Drums

Tony "Prince uf Darkness" Dickinson - Bass on "Area A"

Andre Beller (a.k.a. pingosimon) - Bass and Trumpets on "Area C Medley"

Ryan "Mega Beardo" Postlethwait - Guitar on "Areas E & F"

Erik "Viking Guitar" Peabody - Guitar Lead on "Areas E & F"

Mike "Monte" Montemarano - Synths on "Final Area, Area Cleared"

Grant "Stemage" Henry - Guitar on "Ending"

Original soundtrack composed by Iku Mizutani.

Original sound effects by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki.

Mixed and Mastered by Grant Henry

Drum Tracking by Chris Deuchars

Album Art by Nate "Foxx Dragon" Horsfall

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MunzadetH Los Angeles, California

It's Ryan Munz of Kirby's Dream Band! I made this Shatterhand album and I like Marty Friedman solos.

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